Cumberland Animal Clinic

The early days of Cumberland Animal Clinic began in 1974 with a Blountstown native and Auburn grad named Dr. Tex S. Taylor.  He initially founded Cumberland as an ambulatory large animal practice.  Dr. Ivan Barineau arrived on the scene in 1977 and then purchased Cumberland in 1981 and ran it as a mixed animal practice.  About 10 years later, in 1991, it was bought by Dr. Nancy Goyert.  In 2001, the practice was resold to Dr. Barineau after he returned from some mission work overseas with his wife, Mary.  At this point, Dr. Barineau recognized the changing demographics in the area and he knew that a full service, small animal practice was the future for Cumberland.  So, in 2001, the clinic was completely renovated to reflect those changes in service.    

In November 2011, Cumberland was sold again to two Auburn graduates, Dr. Andrew Simmons and Dr. Matthew Wanous who are now taking the practice to the next level.  We strive to create a warm and welcoming environment for our clients and patients.  We want to meet the needs of your entire family while focusing on the health and well-being  of your furry family member.  Complete and thorough medicine is our number one priority and we understand that client care and communication goes hand-in-hand with our efforts to provide your furry family with the best veterinary care possible.  When you step into Cumberland we want to be sure that you feel at home.  Whatever your needs may be, we offer a service that will exceed your expectations.  We look forward to being your 'other' family doctor.

What makes us different?

Your furry family is part of our family and when you step into Cumberland Animal Clinic we strive to make you feel at home.  It is our lifelong interest to continue improving our professional knowledge and skill set so that we may practice our profession with dignity and in keeping within the principles of veterinary medical ethics. We look forward to being your ‘other family doctor’.

What do we offer?

Cumberland Animal Clinic is a full service veterinary hospital. We offer many services that set us apart from other veternary clinics. These services include: internal medicine, surgery, oncology, boarding, laboratory services, after hours on call, on-site emergency service, pharmacy and microchipping. See our Services Page for more details.


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